Early detection.
Swift response.
Precise suppression.

Fire Rover detects fires minutes before conventional suppression systems and deluges the threat with a targeted suppression stream. Protect your people, protect your facility and protect your reputation.
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Our Products

Our fire protection solutions mitigate risks, ensuring facility and personnel safety through innovative approaches.

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Learn more about Fire Rover's remarkable people, dynamic culture, and its history of pioneering innovation in fire safety.

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Our solutions provide robust protection against downtime and minimize fire-induced interruptions in your production line

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Advanced analytics
with human verification

  • Fire Rover utilizes triple detection technology which includes military-grade thermal optics, multi-spectral flame detection and advanced video analytics to precisely pinpoint and detect hotspots and fires before they escalate.
  • Multiple sensor technologies provide redundancy and detect the fire an average of five minutes before a traditional fire sprinkler system.
  • For a swift and accurate response, our highly trained virtual firefighters verify alarms in real-time, providing a final layer of protection against false alarms and unnecessary system discharges.
tip floor fire
thermal camera high temperature detected
central station monitoring computers

Highly trained virtual firefighters protect your facility around the clock

  • Fire Rover’s redundant monitoring centers are UL-listed and TMA Five Diamond certified, which means they will be available to respond to your facility without interruption.
  • Our response agents are highly trained and act as virtual firefighters at a moment’s notice. Once a fire has been verified, virtual firefighters ensure the environment is clear of site personnel before engaging the potent suppression stream, keeping your employees safe. Fire Rover remotely applies suppressant a critical 10-15 minutes before your local fire department arrives on site.
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Robust Fire Suppression

  • Fire Rover’s system is designed to apply a targeted stream of suppressant to the base of a fire at a volume that significantly exceeds NFPA-compliant sprinkler output.
  • When combined with the early detection, Fire Rover’s directed suppression reduces the required volume of water/suppression agent by up to 88% compared to traditional sprinkler systems.  This reduces the time spent on clean-up and lowers the cost of dealing with run-off/leachate.
  • It’s simple — early detection means smaller fires and fast delivery of suppressant results in quick extinguishment.
See it in Action
FR spraying outdoor fire
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Protect yourself from a major incident with Fire Rover

  • Fire Rover’s comprehensive monitoring and maintenance program ensures uninterrupted system performance.
  • We conduct constant uptime monitoring, weekly check-ins, and regular on-site preventative maintenance to keep your system in optimal condition.
  • Our team diligently upgrades and patches the software to guarantee peak operational efficiency. With our service program, all equipment repair and replacement costs are covered, eliminating any unexpected expenses.
  • Our goal is to safeguard your business, minimize downtime, and protect personnel from the devastating consequences of fire incidents.
Our Products

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Fire Rover secures the safety of your business by promptly detecting and suppressing fires before they escalate into incidents.

Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County

``RRRASOC has found the Fire Rover team and the Fire Rover system to be indispensable parts of our operation. The advance warning, critical threat analysis, and effective response provided by Fire Rover are essential to mitigating fire risk and protecting our people, our equipment, and our operational status. Fire Rover helps us place safety above all else.``

Michael CsapoGeneral Manager

``I fell in love with the concept back in 2015 and always wondered whether we would get the chance of seeing Fire Rover in France! The opportunity was given to us to be the exclusive distributor and there wasn't a doubt we needed to be a part of this solution. Using technology at its full potential and adding human intelligence, makes Fire Rover a force to be reckoned with in the fire industry! Smartrium is proud to have partnered with Fire Rover and I'm confident France will benefit from it!``

Delwyn PélissierCo-Founder/ Project Consultant
Eureka Recycling

``There's just more capacity for carriers to look at you if you have Fire Rover. There are some that wouldn't look at you if you didn't have it.``

Kristin PoffenbergerSenior VP
eureka recycling logo
Walter's Recycling

``I simply cannot put into words how valuable the FR system was to us this morning, and to have it backed up by an incredible team of operators just makes it even better! ...That kind of customer service and attention to detail is not common anymore, and I wanted to be sure to thank everyone involved!``

Matt HollandVP of Operations
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Percent of water reduction when compared to traditional sprinkler system design.


Fire Rover incident detection is 5x faster than a traditional sprinkler system.


Number of fire incidents that Fire Rover successfully extinguished in 2023.
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